Biden Committed to Defend Disputed Islands: Japanese PM Fumio Kishida

New Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that US President Joe Biden have committed to defending the disputed Senkaku Islands in Japan. In telephonic discussions with the US President that lasted about 20 minutes, the associates confirmed their cooperation towards getting a free and open Indo-Pacific, Kishida said to the media. “We will work together towards building the Japan-US alliance and free and open Indo-Pacific. We also confirm we will work closely on issues related to China and North Korea,” Kishida added.

“Biden made a strong comment on the US commitment to defend Japan, including Article 5 of the US-Japan security treaty,” Kishida added. Japan has grown concerned about Chinese activity in the East China Sea, including attacks into waters around the disputed islands. Kishida also said the two of them are also willing to work together on global issues like coronavirus pandemic, climate change and nuclear proliferation.

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