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North Korea Confirms Missile Tests Successful

North Korea said it tested two missiles this week which were successful while pledging to maintain its nuclear war obstruction and speed up the development of more powerful warheads. North Korea has been boosting its testing activity in recent months, which includes six rounds of weapons launches so far in the year 2022.

North Korea’s official Central News Agency described the two ballistic missiles launched from a coastal area as “surface-to-surface tactical guided missiles” armed with a conventional warhead and said that they accurately hit a sea target. The missiles can be launched from launcher trucks and trains and are designed for flexibility and low-altitude flight. It’s seen as an essential part of expanding weapons of a shorter range aimed at missile defences.

The missiles were long-range cruise missiles that were first tested in September. The missiles travelled for over 2 hours and 35 minutes and showed an ability to hit targets that were 1,800 kilometres away. North Korea has described this weapon as strategic and developed to deliver nuclear weapons.

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