Google Announces to Launch 13 New Software Features

Google has announced to launch 13 new software features by this year, like fast switching to unlocking your Chromebook via smartwatch. “We are continuing our work with partners to increase Fast Pair’s functionality above audio connectivity with wearables, headphones, speakers, cars, TVs and smart home devices, so one can instantly start using all the instruments, Erik Kay, VP of Multi-Device Experiences at Google said in the CES 2022.

Now when one person turns on Fast Pair-enabled headphones, their Chromebook will automatically detect it and pair with it in a single click. A user can also use headphones to watch Google TV or Android TV OS device at home. “With a digital car key, you can now use Samsung or Pixel phone to lock, unlock and start your BMW vehicles from your phone. Later this year, with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, one won’t even have to take their phone out to use it as a car key,” Google said. “To cast any music, you are listening from your Android phone to speakers. And If you are working on your Chromebook and your Android phone is out of reach, you will still be able to stay in touch by accessing chat apps from your phone directly to your Chromebook,” the company added.

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